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Kids say...

Mario, 10 years old, Third degree: ”It is very nice at school. I don’t like I., who is very crazy. I also don’t like that I have to go early at school. I like the Maths classes at most. My friend is called A. The break between the classes is very nice.”

Stefan, 10 years old, Third degree: ” I don’t like A., G. And U. at school. I like the fat girl. My friends are L. and L. I spread out some shopping boxes during the breaks. I like the painting art classes. We should start school at 24 o’clock., we should have only one class, just for 10 minutes. I want chess classes.”

Simeon, 12 years old, Fourth degree: ”Our teacher is very cool and she teachs us very well. I like H. and G. They are my best friends. We read, we go to cinema, we visit circus performances, in the summer we go to Varna mostly and we come back home. And the school year begins and again back to school. It’s quite cool there. I like the teacher, because she is very nice and kind and is good with all the children in class. Painting and sport are my favorite classes. I like it, because everybody is good with me.”

Another child, who is visiting the Day Care center wrote about herself and her work here.

“My name is Tsveti.
I am 12 years old.
I paint.
I write.
I play.
I like it.”

She still doesn’t go to school. She starts comming to the Center very resently. She has friends there already.



We met a girl in the beginning of this school year, Her parents were sent by the University of Sofia (there are consultation offices there) in hopes that we would be able to help their daughter. We were not surprised by the fact that parents of a disabled child seek our help. We were also not surprised by the almost empty hopes of both parents. They were frustrated because their daughter was eight years old and that was the maximum age for care at the public institution she had been attending. The only other alternative for the child was to go to a specialty school where, in 100% of the cases, the conditions are primitive. This “alternative” had been suggested to the parents by some members of the Medical and Educational committee in Sofia. This Committee makes the selection of children with special needs before they are enrolled in first grade of some school. Indeed, there had been another “alternative” to the existing “alternative”, suggested by a member of the Committee. This “alternative” consisted of paid classes led by a “professional”, otherwise the child had no other choice but to go to a specialty school!

The story of the exhausted, young parents, who for years have been “tortured” by the social system, motivated us to help the child and her parents. In a week, the Center tested her IQ and created and individual educational program, tailored to her own capabilities. We also extensively discussed the choices for an appropriate school and the psychologist began family therapy with the parents.

So, in the beginning of the school year, the child was already enrolled in one of the regular schools in Sofia. She attends the school for some time during the day, while the rest of the time, she spends at the Center where we work with her closely. Her parents feel more secure about their child’s future, seeing her play and study with her classmates.



The grandmother of one child, who is visiting the Day care center says:

“My eight years old garndson has an “epylepsy” diagnosys - it’s in a very severe form for the period of infansy. A very difficult and resposible task is to rise and educate a child having such kind of problem and the family is not able to cope this problem on its own, no matter how much it tries to or how much it wants to do it. We tried to teach the child some appropriate for his age songs, poems and faiy-tales. In additon, a kinesitherapist and a child-psychologyst had worked with my grandson in particular days of the week for couple of hours. They helped us a lot and we are very gratefull for everything they have done.

The more our child was growing up, the more we realised that this was not enough. He needed children environment in one hand, and he had to start some form of systematical and adequate education, in another (we kmow that he wouldn’t be able to visit ordinery school). We were advised by our G.P. (General Physishan) and by the psychologyst, who was visiting us and that’s how we heard of the existance of the Day Care Center for Children with Special Needs “The Holy Mother’s Vale” and I can say that this is the place where we foud what we were looking for the needs of our child - wondreful conditions with yard on a quiet street, and the most important: a magnificant team of young specialists, who take care of the children with love and professionalism.
Of course, I was worried about the reaction of my grandson for changing the environment, for beeing away from home and for the influence of all these factors on a sick child, bul all my bothers are gone a long time ago. The child has sensed on its own way what I have gudged on first look at the Center.

Every morning my grandson starts his way to his school happilly waiting to see his nice teacher Marina – the both of us share this opinion.

We thank her and all the team in the Center – young and nice all of them – I would like to express my gratefull from the bottom of my heart. God bless you! And the Center for Children with Special Needs is a Holy Mother’s Vale indeed!”





My personal biography (Unedited)

I was born in 1979, a Scorpio, on October 26, I was a cute, chubby baby.
Then, I didn’t know anything about our life, full of difficulties.
When I grew up, I was 8 years old, and I started studying at 5th Special School in the “Slatina” neighborhood, I graduated from 8th grade at age 16 I was ? Senior graduate for the first time. In 1998 I graduated 9th grade from the CSKA Sports School at the 4th km.

Sometimes I wonder how I ended up at a night school in Sofia there under a pretext I began 10th grade.
Tell me now how all teachers didn’t want a boy in advanced age and with heart problems to continue his education – just like I was suffering from the Down syndrome that’s life.


I had a pneumonia and I was taken to the Aleksandrovska Hospital in the winter it was awful but there’s no other way. This is a big problem isn’t it?

At the European Olympics in Athletics in city Poland capital Warsaw, I took fourth place then.

In 1993 I was at a European Team Olympics in Athletics in city Denmark.



Now about the States. During the next 1995 I was at an European Olympics in Gymnastics in the U.S.A. and I won many medals gold, silver and bronze.
For two times.

In city Luxembourg I was in 1997 and here I won many medals at the World Olympics in Gymnastics. There were many athletes from China, Korea and Japan. They were very athletic but I managed to beat them. It’s very nice in Luxembourg.


For the second time I was in the U.S.A. in 1999 at the World Olympics in Gymnastics going over Italy in capital Milan. At the opening I tool a picture with Bill Clinton the picture remained with him.

And here I won many medals, gold, silver and bronze.


This is my personal biography.
Thank you with all my heart.

With respect:
Asparuh Savov Vasilev




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