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There are four specialists working in the Center, helped by five volunteers. Vladimir conducts the classes with the oldest children (10-12 years of age), while he is also the psychologist. Diana works the youngest children, and in the afternoon teaches art therapy. In the aftrenoon, Antonia helps the integrated children, while she also teaches speech therapy. Milen is the Center’s coordinator.



Vladimir Rusinov

My name is Vladimir Rusinov and I was born in Sofia on 12/05/75. I work at the Center since its beginning. My work involves education, psychological diagnosis and creating educational, and psychological programs for correcting and integrating children with special needs. I majored in Special Education at the University of Sofia “Kliment Ohridski”. At the moment, I am also studying Psychology at the same University and will be graduating soon. My work involves the application of many new methods, which my high school education helps me with, and especially in computers, English and Russian.




Diana Vasileva

My name is Diana Vasileva. I was born on 08/03/78 in Teteven. I graduated from the Technical School of Forestry and Woodworking, majoring in Woodcarving, in Teteven. I continued my education in Dupnitsa, where in 1999, I graduated from the College of Education, majoring as an art teacher. I should be graduating from the University of Sofia “Kliment Ohridski” this year, with a major in pre-school teaching. I work at the Pokrov Day Care Center for Children with Special Needs where I teach art therapy. I am very interested in working with children.



Antonia Gorbanova

My name is Antonia Ivanova Gorbanova and was born on 09/02/75 in Sofia. I graduated from the University of Sofia “Kliment Ohridski” with a Bachelor in Speech Therapy and a Master’s in Education for the Deaf. My professional interests involve education and my personal ones are the movies, music and sport. I work at the Pokrov Day Care Center for Children with Special Needs as a teacher and a speech therapist.



Yavor Dimov

My name is Yavor Dimov and I was born on 30.10.1980 in Sofia. After I visited the Center of “Pokrov Foundation” and after I briefly talked to the coordinator, Milen Zamphirov, I got very excited about working there. I am very satisfied with my work.



Milen Zamphirov

I was born on 09/11/75 in Sofia. While I was a high school student, I met a lot of children with disabilities or with learning disabilities. I never thought that, in time, my professional work will be based on these children and that I would feel great satisfaction working with them.




So, in 1994, I began as a student at the University of Sofia. In 1998, I received a Bachelor degree in Special Education, and in 1999, a Master’s in the same field.

The idea for integrating children with special needs was born while I worked at a private school as a teacher. From 1999 until the end of 2001, I was already working with the idea of integration, along with some friends-colleagues. With connections and acquaintances at different schools, we were able to enroll in and follow the development of special children.



In time, the Pokrov Day Care Center was realized, where I started working in the beginning of 2001.

In reality, I am not only happy about the already integrated children since the conception of the project, but I am also ecstatic about the great relationship we have with 136 School “Ljuben Karavelov”. That’s where the children are successfully being integrated.

In my spare time (when I have such), I enjoy astronomy and solving math equations.





Denitza Batanova

My name is Denitza Batanova and I was born on 01.20.1977 in Sofia. I have a Bachelor in International Business from a college in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I graduated in May 2000. I worked in Minneapolis until February 2003 and I came back to Bulgaria in April. At the moment, I volunteer at the Center, where my primary duty is translating the web page. In August, I’m starting a Master’s degree in Bangkok and England for 2 years.



I like to read, to travel and to hang out with friends. I hope that I will have a great career on the international scene in the near future.






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