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The Parish center is an effort of the Pokrov foundation aiming to restore the Orthodox parish as a living and active cell of the Church in terms of spiritual life, liturgical participation, community involvement and education in order to carry on the 'liturgy after the Liturgy' as a witness of our Orthodox faith in society.




  • To revitalize parish community activity and create an awareness of belonging to the Church and the parish community in particular
  • To provide religious and general education for people of different background
  • To create conditions for common social diakonial ministry of the clergy and the laity
  • To carry out programs in the fields of social work, development, culture and art, and education for the disadvantaged groups within the local community
  • To overcome the distance between clergy and laity by implementing common educational, cultural, social activities
  • To set up a positive precedent and a model for parish laity centers and share experience with other churches and religious institutions
  • To establish an operating, coordinating and resource unit for small development programs.



  • Parish life - The program aims to create conditions for common service of the clergy and the laity to put the mission of the Church into practice.
  • Social diakonia - The program offers support and training to socially disadvantaged people (single parents and their children, people with social integration difficulties, critically low income, heavy handicaps, the retired etc.).
  • Culture and art - The goal of the program is to create a natural environment for new and productive social contacts; to integrate people with problems in their social adaptation and to provide opportunities for creative performance; to educate a taste and appreciation for the national folklore, the religious traditional art (music, icon painting) as a form of socialization.
  • Education - The program aims at restoring the Christian moral values in the society and providing basic religious education for people of all ages. Programs for vocational training of the unemployed have been developed.



  • Sunday school for children
  • Catechetical classes for adults
  • Meetings and discussions with the priests
  • Icon painting classes
  • Art classes and drawing contests for children
  • Children holiday camps in monasteries
  • Pilgrimages and educational trips
  • Foreign language classes for children and adults
  • Children’s and parents’ club
  • Theological discussion club
  • Vocational trainings for the unemployed
  • Counseling service for the socially disadvantaged
  • Celebration of religious feasts
  • Choir and instrumental chamber concerts
  • Outdoor activities
  • Films, theater and puppetry performances
  • Seminars
  • Exhibitions
  • Entertainment activities – games, trips etc.

Why and How the Center was Established [PDF * 5 MB]

Parish Center brochure 2000 [PDF * 629 KB]


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The Pokrov Parish Center
2 G. D. Zografina Str., Sofia 1606, Bulgaria
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