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The Pokrov Bogorodichev parish community newsletter 2002 [PDF * 605 KB]

Ecumenical update 2000 [PDF * 496 KB]

Samaritan [PDF * 4,9 MB]

Vandaar (in Dutch), October 2001 [PDF * 2,6 MB]

Brochure of the Parish Center [PDF * 629 KB]

Posters [PDF * 56 KB]

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Further reading

Fundraising Appeal 1997 [PDF * 32 KB]

Opening Perspectives in Difficult Times [PDF * 48 KB]

Remarks on the 2000 Report on Religious Freedom [PDF * 31 KB]

Press release [PDF * 9 KB]

90 % of Bulgarians Live Under Poverty Line (in German) [PDF * 16 KB]

Children as Second-Class People (in German) [PDF * 15 KB]

Help Save Teddy Appeal (in Bulgarian)

Campaigning against the statue of Sophia (in Bulgarian)

Black Sun exhibition (in Bulgarian)

Article on the Parish centre in the site of the Local Government Reform Foundation (in Bulgarian)



Orthodox articles

The Wandering Heart of Orthodoxy, an article by Plamen Sivov about the historical and cultural background of Orthodox Christianity in Bulgaria, and a short discussion that followed its publication

Another Union, an interview with Marian Stoyadinov, secretary of the Youth Orthodox Movement, about the Orthodox identity of the Balkan nations and how this common identity could be used to ease the tensions on the Peninsula

The Religious Education Argument, a review of the public debate in Bulgaria

Under the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God, an article on the religious situation in Bulgaria

Church Life and Ecumenical Relations Under the Communist Rule, an article by Prof. Todor Sabev, an Orthodox lay theologian and a former Deputy General Secretary of the World Council of Churches

Decisions of the Panorthodox Council on the schism in the Bulgarian Orthodox church (1998)

Orthodox Protests in Sofia, December 2000: a press release

Visit to the Balkans, article by Stephen Hayes with references to the work of the Pokrov Foundation

Explanation of Orthodoxy for Bulgarians abroad, by Plamen Sivov




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