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The Christian Medical Group was founded in 1996 by group of young Christian doctors, to search for alternative ways to provide medical treatment and prophylactics to vulnerable groups in Bulgarian society. CMG has not been registered as an independent organization and was working together with the Pokrov Foundation to support its efforts to provide treatment to some vulnarable groups it has been working for, namely children in orphanages, mentally and physically disabled children, etc.
After several psychiatric hospitals were closed down due to budget cuts in 1997, the CMG initiated the project for establishing the Dara Social Medical Center. It was agreed that the CMG will be assisted for this project in both financial and organizational matters by the Pokrov foundation. The foundation has offered as inkind support handling the Dara center's accounting and covering the related administrative expenses.

The main objective of Social Medical Center Dara was to provide free medical care and social advice to mentally ill people from Sofia region that are not treated in the state psychiatric hospitals and live with income lower then the social minimum for the country.

With the financial support of Europe Desk of the Dutch Protestant Churches the Dara center was established in 6 months' period and officially opened in October 1998. For the setting up of the Centre, a private apartment in the city center was rented and reconstructed. The three medical offices - internal deseases, dental surgery, psychiatric office - were equipped and started delivering services that facilitated the mentally ill people and their relatives in receiving complex care avoiding a lot of difficulties issuing from the state healthcare system.



An advertisement campaign took place in August - November 1998. Printed materials (posters, leaflets and hand-outs) have been distributed in the psychiatric institutions, the Sofia municipalities, the Social Welfare Ministry offices, NGOs. Volunteer doctors from the regional polyclinics have been involved in the distribution of the advertising materials and directing patients to the center. Articles on the Social Medical Center's work were published in some of the most popular medical journals and in other public media.

Cards for free treatment in the center were issued to people who suffer from mental disorders and live under the social minimum for the country, which makes it impossible for them to afford medicines and paid medical services.



For the period October '98 - July '99 a large number of people with mental disorders from Sofia have called the Dara center asking for suppor and free medicines. Cards for free treatment in the center were issued to 100 of them as the capacity of the center was limited.

The patients were kept on record in the center and regularly examined by the doctors. Free medicines were distributed to the needy. Dental treatment was also provided to most of them.

Individual work with the patients as well as group therapy for those with similar problems were carried out by the psychiatrist. Activities aiming at gaining social skills were organised and additional help in overcoming social problems was offered to the patients.


The Mission

  • developing adequate health care services on parish level;
  • form an attitude of belonging to the parish community through combining the health care services of the Social Medical Center with the educational and cultural activities of the Parish center for social programs;
  • initiating mutual support activities within the community - involving the laity and the clergy in diakonia activities for supporting the needy in our parish.


The Staff

The Christian Medical Group members are highly motivated young doctors specialized in psychiatry, internal diseases and dentistry.


Psychiatric office

Individual work with the patients, psycho-pharmaceutical treatment, training courses for the patients' relatives on clarifying the nature of the disease and the possible ways to approach the mentally ill person, group treatment of patients with common problems.


Social and legal advice office

Both patients and relatives will be consulted on:

  • the legal status of the mentally ill people
  • the conditions for prescribing oblgatory medical treatment
  • the procedure for compulsory hospitalization
  • the possibilities for vocational fulfillment of the patients
  • social insurance and social protection of the mentally disabled people
  • family rights and relations.


Internal diseases office

Examinations and diagnosing the health status, prescribing treatment, regular check-up, home visits.


Dental office

Dental therapy, dental surgery, dental Prosthetics.



Is provided to mentally ill people with an income lower than the social minimum for the country.


Documents required

The Christian Medical Group issues a card for free treatment in the Social Medical Center after the patients present a document from Social Welfare services verifying that the income is lower than the social minimum for the country.




Medical Center - brochure [PDF * 1,2 MB]


Contact information

The Pokrov Medical Center
28 Bunaja Str., Sofia, Bulgaria
tel/fax: +359 2 943 1932




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